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We organize programs, half-days, courses, team-building moments, and much more for you and your companions as well. We can provide the program, spaces, facilitators, organizers, sessions, mentoring, tours, spiritual practices, snacks, and gorgeous food according to your preference. We tailor your experience here to your preference and are happily helping you figure out the best fit for you and your group. Email us with your inquiry. 

Join us at Ananda Kalyani, where every gathering is a statement towards a more regenerative future and the transformative power of community and spirituality.

Accommodation capacity

We can accommodate up to 125 tents in total. Availability of rental tents: 50 tents available for rent on a first-come, first-serve basis. 8 spaces for caravans are available.

Dormitory capacity: 50 people in houses in Paúl (4km away), up to 10 people in dormitories at Ananda Kalyani (current), with an additional 32 people in the new Ananda retreat center.

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Are you excited to introduce your colleagues, organisation, school, university, sports group or association to a valley filled with spiritual, social, environmental and individual growth and consciousness?

Ananda Retreat Center

Discover the cozy comfort of Ananda Retreat Center, nestled in the scenic Serra da Estrela. With its riverside location and lush greenery, it’s the perfect place for winter or summer stays. Check availability below.

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